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Coming to the festival with public transportation has many advantages: you leave your car in the garage, no parking problems, you can drink to your heart’s content, and you preserve the environment. But most of all, the festival starts just at your doorstep! However, if you planned some other types of transportation, the Caribana thought about everything.


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Public transportation

From the Nyon train station, festivalgoers may take the Nyon region public transport line 811 (TPN). Hop off the 811 line bus at the ‘Crans-port’ stop that is located only 100m away from the festival’s entrance, see regular timetable.



A bike goes wherever you want! In an ecological spirit, the Caribana invites you in using a bike. But protect your head!
A PubliBike station (location below) is available if you wish to rent a trusty steed.


Caribana Festival
16, Route Suisse
1299 Crans-près-Céligny

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If you come from Lausanne’s direction, exit the highway at 11 Nyon
If you come from Geneva’s direction, exit at 10 Coppet. Parking lots are available near the festival. Parking out of boundaries is strictly forbidden. Vehicles parked out of the parking lots will be transferred to the pound at the expense of their owner.
It’s even better with electric cars! 6 electrical supplies are available from the SEIC.


ABC Taxis provides a station and vehicles. This station is on the bike lane, in Nyon’s direction. It is located near the lake, a little bit further than the beach’s parking lot, out of the festival. Check their special prices just below!

prix_preferentiels_abctaxis_caribana 2022


Because parking places are limited, we invite you to use public transportation or carsharing services.